Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

Alrighty, I’m on time with the news. Yeah, I’ve actually been setting up alarms on my phone in order to remember when I should post the news. The wonders of technology, am I right?

So what’s new this week? Sadly, not that much. I’ve been having one hell of a week, and I’ve been unavailable during the end of the week. For reasons.

I have however decided to show you a special picture this week. Indeed, what you can see above is my corkboard, that doesn’t even look like a corkboard anymore. It’s covered in notes, as I said in another post… Yeah, this is the current plot of the game up until now. It looks like a crazy, huge mindmap. And that’s what it actually is, except it’s worse. Much, much worse. But that’s how I make sure I cover every single scene of the game, and it makes me proud to stare at these and nod while taking a sip of my coffee and wondering how the game isn’t done yet.

To be more serious now, if I had to give a serious estimation of where we are in the game, I’d say I’m about 80% done with the third PD (route for the ones who may not know the term) out of five. Plus, the to other ones are relatively easy to write. I’ve laid down some solid bases to make sure that the rest of my work will be bliss, and as usual, that will end up not working and I’ll have to work harder. But hey, it’s the effort that counts, and my work isn’t so bad. (i.e. I love it)

Stats time: We currently have 249.000 lines. I think that’s enough to say that not much was done since last week, for both the reasons I did (not) state above and the fact that I’ve been doing a lot more “research” work on paper. Well, I’m fairly confident in what I’ve done for now, so I’ll be resuming my usual activity starting tomorrow!

Anyway, I guess you could say that this is it. Thanks for reading, and I promise the stats and information will (maybe. Probably.) be more exciting next time!

Thanks for reading, and thinking to yourself that this post is on time. <3

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