Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev!

Today is a very sad day. As you may have read on Twitter or Discord, I wasn’t able to publish my news last week… So that stops our 6 week long on-time streak. I am devastated.

More seriously, my apologies about not being able to post a week ago. I had a lot to do IRL (and I still do), so I didn’t want to rush my news. If there’s nothing insightful to say, I’d rather not say anything.

Anyway, before talking about our VN, I just want to thank all the people who participated in the Discord server’s 3rd anniversary last Saturday! I couldn’t stay for long, but it was really cool to chat with everyone and I hope we’ll be able to meet up like this more often. For those who couldn’t be there, write it down in your agenda: February 20th 2022! If we aren’t all dead by then, I hope I’ll be able to see you again then.

Now, let’s move on to the game, shall we?

As I keep saying, I have to get used to my new work environment. It’s still a bit troublesome, but I’m getting used to it. Although I can’t work on Seikatsu everyday, I can get a decent amount of work done, so that’s that.

Proofreading-wise, I’m done with Day 6 and I’m reaching the end of Day 7 (I promise I’m really reaching the end, I won’t get stuck on it for two months like I did with Day 5 of the Hope PD). I don’t know how long the remaining three days in that route will be, but I think I’ll be done proofreading the entire PD by the end of next month. Probably.

I think that’s it for this week’s news! Once again it was really fun hanging out with you all, and I’m glad things are still going at a steady pace. I can’t wait for this game to be done (both because I want to let you all play it, and because I want to work on new stories!).

I’ll see you all in a week! Stay safe.

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