Hiya, I’m CykaDev!

As you may have noticed, I went missing for two weeks. Well, if you followed our Twitter and our Discord server, you’ll know I was still alive and well. I actually told everyone I wasn’t going to post for two weeks.

The reason behind this two-week break was that I simply couldn’t keep up anymore. It was getting stressful and bad for my health, and I decided to force myself to stop for a bit. My productivity level was dropping to unprecedented bottoms, and I simply didn’t enjoy working.

But I’m back! Taking a well deserved break has helped me get better, and while I still feel like I’m overwhelmed by just about every little thing in life, I can at least feel peacefully overwhelmed.

To talk about the game, I’ll just say I’m not super happy with what I could get done this week. I’ve been slowly getting back to it, and although my motivation is back, it’s still hard to find some time to work. I’ve been needing more sleep, so I couldn’t power through the night to get a full file done. However, I should move out to a new apartment soon, meaning that I’ll have my own dedicated work space (which I had about four months ago). I can look forward to that.

I’m about halfway through Day 9 of the Hope PD. It’s kinda taking forever, but I think I’m going through the biggest file for this day, so I’m not too worried. I’ve already started looking at other PDs, and I can definitely say it’ll be refreshing to work on something else as soon as I’m done with the Hope PD.

Anyway, I think that’s it. I’ll try to keep up with my schedule from now on, but I apologize in advance if I sometimes have a few late news or whatever.

Stay safe and stay awesome. See you in a week.

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