Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

I’m one day late. I’m starting to think I should be a bit more serious about the time at which I release my news, but it’s just hard to keep up with everything when I have so much work to deal with…

Anyway, let’s get to the actual news.

I am finally done writing the fourth “route” of our game! That means I’m currently writing the fifth and last one… And it feels surreal to near the end. Like, sure, there’s still a lot of remaining work, but I like to look at it this way: there’s a total of 57 in game days (all routes included), and I only have ten left. I can count them on my fingers, and that’s just crazy… To think it took over a year and a half!

Now, about the stats.

We currently have 1.640.000 words for about 337.000 lines. I’m starting to doubt the fact that we’ll be able to reach the 2M milestone, but that wasn’t really my objective. Hell, that would actually be a tad too much for a project that wasn’t supposed to reach 1M…

Enough about stats. This week, we’re not gonna talk about depressing events, but about our game itself. Because you’ve all been missing the Concrete Information Corner, haven’t you?

Dropping some actual information this time… The protagonist you’re going to be playing as  is unable to communicate with others. How and why? That’ll remain mysterious for now, but it feels good to be able to reveal a bit more info about the game itself! At this point of the development, I  don’t think hiding information about the game is necessary, you know?

This is it for this week. Thanks for your attention, and see you next week!

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