Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev!

First news of the year, let’s go! And I’m on time on top of that. Let’s see how long I can last before I post late news, yeah?

I hope you all enjoyed the end of year celebrations, but 2021 finally came and that means we’re back to work! At least, that’s the case for me.  Taking a little break and getting to see my family  sure was a nice way to blow off some steam, and I’m glad to say I’m 100% back into it.
I’m still getting things for the demo ready. I don’t have a time frame for it, but since I’m also giving the actual game my all, it might take a few weeks to get it all ready. It’s coming, though!

About the game itself, I’m very satisfied with the way things are going right now. As I said in my recent news, I’m planning on releasing the game as an early access as soon as I’m done re-reading and adding (temporary and good quality) sprites to the game. That gives me a huge motivation boost to  get everything done as quickly as possible (while not rushing things, that is).

I’ve started re-reading Day 5 of the Hope PD today. It’s going faster than expected, so that’s very good news! Days 6 & 7 are also rather easy to proofread, so progress should be interesting in the next few days. I’ve also increased the amount of files I re-read everyday, so I guess that helps.

Anyway, that’s it! I hope this year will finally be the one for our project, and I sure hope you haven’t lost interest in our project.
Also, and I already stated that in our Discord server, I’m definitely going to finish the DDLC mods I started once I’ll be done with Seikatsu. I promised it three years ago, and I (almost) always keep my promises.

Happy 2021, stay safe everyone!

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