Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

Aaaand we’re one day late. I’m gonna keep oscillating between Sundays and Mondays, I can feel it. I’m sorry about this, I’ll take notes, promise.

Alright, so what’s new this week? A lot, and not much at the same time. By that, I mean it’s a lot if you think about it, but it’s not going to fill an entire paragraph, hence the fact I’m currently elaborating on my initial statement, which was, let’s remind ourselves here, “A lot and not much at the same time.”

And to be more serious, I am finally done writing the third PD/Route of our VN! It was insanely complex to finish it up for… reasons I cannot disclose here, but hopefully you guys will find the content interesting upon release.

I’ve also been able to work on the website, and I’m proud to say it’s finally done! Now, all it needs is to be deployed instead of the one you’re reading these news on (because let’s be honest, it’s so slow you’d be better off hacking into my database to retrieve the news). Colton, who’s in charge of the website (thanks!) will be assisting me with this grueling task.

Statistics coming our way! We have 1.371.137 words for 282.631 lines. I decided to be precise, today.

I had to increase my final lines estimation once again, because my statistics were telling me I was 94% done with the game. 94% done, with 3/5 routes finished. I… don’t think that’s right. I should definitely work on my math.

Anyway, this is it for this week! Sorry, these news weren’t extremely long, but as I said, a lot was done and not much has to be said to tell you about it.

Thanks for the support, and see you next week!

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