Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

Another week, another post on time. I know, it’s unbelievable, but I’m on a streak. And on top of that, we have exciting news… Which you can actually read right above this introduction!

That’s right, we reached a million words on the VN. A MILLION. It’s insane to think about it, and to realize that we have been working on this “little” project for about a year now… We’ve gone through so many things I still can’t believe any of it, and we’re still getting a lot of people interested in the project. Everything’s going well so far!

So, what is there to know this week?

First of all, I’m gonna repeat it, the million. Well, actually, let’s have our stats right here, right now: we currently have exactly 1.042.613 words in the game, for a total of about 212.000 lines. Right, if you compare that to last week’s stats, you’ll notice I really have been hard at work on this project. It feels like it’s been a month when it has only been a week so far! It really makes me hope I’ll be done with the third PD of the game before summer ends. (Don’t remember what a PD is? Check the CIC on the other posts!).

Next up, the planning. I have a very strict schedule for the actual development of the game, but I recently noticed that we lacked something really important: the planning that’ll be used after the actual writing is done. There’s actually a lot more that I hadn’t taken into account! Thankfully, it won’t take too long to accomplish these tasks (which I’ll tell you about as soon as I’m done writing the game), but it’s still important to have a serious and well-prepared schedule.

And finally, the new website! Remember, a few posts back, I mentioned the fact that I was working on a brand new, home-made CykaDev website to improve the speed and user experience. I’ve been actively working on it on top of working on our VN, and I’m proud to say the entire “end-user” part is finished! Meaning you can browse games, download them, create an account, check your profile… and join a group, PM users, or customize your profile! Indeed, I’ve taken the care to add a lot more user interaction on the website, in order for it not to only be a download hub.

I’ve also been thinking of adding three more features to the website:

  • A “Dev Tracker”, that’d make anyone able to check my stats online without any login. Basically, a public version of my statistics and of our overall stats, in order to see how well the project is going.
  • A “Badges” system: some kind of achievements you’d be able to unlock on the website to display on your profile. These could also be linked to our Discord server! (Looking at you, bot point farmers)
  • And finally, a “Dev Resources” page, which would be aimed at developers. I remember the copyright ordeal we had to go through about a year ago, and I wish that to nobody, hence the fact I thought about a part of the website that would be dedicated to gathering all the royalty free development resources (whether it be art or music) while providing credit, so that anyone can try their hand at the wonderful task that is creating VNs.

This is it for today! There was a lot to say, and I hope you’re still reading. If not, it’s okay. I love you anyway.

Thanks for everything! I’ll see you in the next weekly news. On time, maybe? That would be a three weeks streak. Incredible.

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  • Kasongo Kabongo
    August 5, 2019 at 2:04 pm
    A million of words... That's an achievement! I'm very excited about all this.

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